Katharine Giovanni

International speaker, trainer, consultant & three-time award-winning author

Katharine Giovanni has been a world renowned concierge, customer service and front line staff trainer since 1998. Her contagious warm and friendly approach will show you and your staff how to explode your customer's experience by taking it from ordinary to extraordinary! Katharine has significantly helped companies around the world raise their bottom line by training their front line staff to think and act like a five-star concierge and service provider.

Katharine’s thirty year career started in 1984 in New York City where she started out as a receptionist for an advertising agency. In 1986 she started her event planning career and went on to become an event planner and concierge for Fortune 500 executives. She started her first company in 1995.

In 1998, a handful of pioneers discovered the world of the independent concierge and Katharine was one of them. If you looked around the U.S. back then, you might have found two dozen concierge services, but certainly no more than that. Sensing a need, Katharine propelled her meeting planning business into something more cutting edge: a company that offered concierge services to an eclectic range of industries that had yet to discover the world of the concierge.

In 2000, she founded the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association, one of the first associations for the concierge industry. Katharine retired from the association in 2015. She went on to create ICLMNet – The International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Network.

From Subaru to the leading social media company in the world, Katharine has significantly helped companies around the world raise their level of service by training their concierge and front line staff to provide a five-star customer experience.

Today, Katharine uses her hard won wisdom and conducts workshops and conferences around the world to companies, groups and individuals on a variety of topics including customer experience, concierge and front line staff training and motivational topics.

She has assisted the U.S. Department of Labor in creating a brand new “concierge” category for their Occupational Information Network, and has trained the front line staff of a top social media company


Katharine has both been interviewed by and appeared on dozens of newspapers, magazines, radio and television shows from around the country including ABC News Nightline, CBS News, Good Morning America, MTV, Time Magazine, Money Magazine, Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to name a few.


Katharine is the author of four books including her award-winning inspirational book “Rainbows and Banana Peels”,her two-time award-winning book “Going Above and Beyond”, and her acclaimed book “The Concierge Manual”.

A proud breast cancer survivor, Katharine was raised in New York City, earned a B.A. from Lake Forest College, and currently lives in North Carolina.