The 2018 Concierge Entrepreneur - BEST Package

Designed for people who wish to start a concierge or lifestyle management business.

The Giowell Group


The Class is designed for people who wish to start a concierge or lifestyle management business. It’s a step-by-step road map that shows you exactly how to get your new company started. From obtaining insurance and forming the company to what services to offer and fee setting, Katharine will talk about it all. Whether you wish to start a new career, or add additional revenue streams to your existing concierge business, the course will show you how to set yourself apart from the competition so that you can get started and start earning money fast. 

From seasoned pros to start-ups, going back to the basics will give you fresh set of eyes to show you how to move your company to the next level. 

Topics Include

  • Business basics including business plan, brochures, websites, business cards, financial and legal information, insurance, start-up costs
  • Niche marketing – Who are you marketing to?
  • Learn about the different types of concierge companies. From Individuals to corporate to lobby concierge services.
  • What Services are you going to offer your clients? What are the logistics behind providing them to your clients?
  • Finances and Fees - Katharine's math formula makes pricing easier!!!
  • The Logistics of the Lobby Concierge
  • The Logistics of the Corporate Concierge
  • Business Proposals
  • Service Vendors – how to set up your preferred service vendors and receive commissions. Where to find them and how to interview them.
  • Staffing and office management
  • Time management
  • How do you find things for a client? A discussion about search engines, browsers and VPN's
  • Social Media and social selling
  • How to work with Celebrities and the media
  • Social Media and SEO tips
  • Website and graphic design – Don’t understand the technical “stuff”? Overwhelmed? Let me show you how to do it. I’ll teach you how to create your graphics and social media headers for Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook using Canva, Picmonkey and a few other tools
  • How to Act and think like a Concierge
  • How to go above and beyond and offer outstanding service
  • Manners and business etiquette
  • Speech — What to Say and How to Say it – productive versus non-productive words
  • Professional Image – how to dress and act
  • Body Language and Nonverbal Communication (including your tone of voice)
  • Communications Skills
  • What to do (and not do) at your desk/station
  • Email and telephone etiquette
  • International Protocol
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Dealing with angry people and difficult situations
  • How to Present a Positive Attitude
  • You need to be healthy so that you can present your best to your clients and/or guests

 You have 180 days to complete the course.  

Katharine Giovanni