It's All About The Money!

A Concierge Mini-Course on how to set your fees


Over the last 20 years, Katharine has received three main questions... How do I set my fees? What companies insure independent concierge companies? How do I set up my service vendor network and receive commissions?

This new course addresses all three of those questions! Plus Katharine includes some great concierge statistics for your website and business proposals. 

The Giowell Group


Learn how to set your fees!  This mini-course includes

  • How to find your niche market
  • What services you might wish to offer
  • The different types of concierge services
  • The different types of Fee styles
  • A fantastic math formula to help you figure out how to charge corporate and lobby concierge services!
  • How to create your service vendor network and actually get them to pay you a commission!

The class includes...

  • The Concierge Manual EBook
  • List of insurance companies who have written concierge insurance policies. 
  • Concierge Statistics
  • 2 hours of instruction. Four modules that combine video with PowerPoint.

Katharine Giovanni