Design Your Own Graphics

A one-hour mini-course that teaches you how to easily design your own graphics, without spending a fortune.

The Giowell Group


A one-hour mini-course that will show you how to create social media headers, graphics for your website and marketing materials, logos and more.

Katharine shows you how to use the free online software Canva including... 

  • How to use the pre-made templates.
  • Create a new design.
  • Learn how to use the grids and transparency function and more. 
  • Don’t have Photoshop? No worries! Katharine will also show you how to use PicMonkey to edit and resize your photographs.
  • As a free bonus, she will also show you how to create your automatic email signature and shares some of her favorite websites where she finds free stock photographs.

Katharine taught herself how to design graphics and produce videos while undergoing chemotherapy for stage 3 breast cancer in 2012. Why? Since she was too sick to travel for speaking gigs, Katharine decided to learn something she had always wanted to do ... design graphics. She spent weeks reading, taking classes and watching videos on graphic design so she could do all her company graphics and videos herself. Now she is sharing what she learned!


Katharine Giovanni